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  • Development and innovation
  • Quality and reliability
  • Technical solutions
  • Durable and environmentally friendly
  • Innovative strategies
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Activities and main areas:

Repair of concrete structures

Reinforcement of structures

Waterproofing of buildings and warehouses

Complete restoration and renovation

Protection of flooring

Resins and other injections

Repair of concrete structures

Delta 9 has been developed in conjunction with other manufacturers, new techniques of repair and reinforcement of concrete structure (specifically), implementing systems based on the use of cement mortars, resins and composites (including specific methods of calculation).

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The application of repair mortars of cementitious materials with additives reformers in their mechanical characteristics making them ideal for rehabilitation projects.

Our experience in these systems can be traced back to the company's beginnings, with extensive references in all kinds of works, especially in civil works and large structures. Also this type of materials and systems have been applied in projects for restoration and consolidation of historic buildings.


Reinforcement of structures

DELTA 9, since its inception, has innovated in this type of action, first with the introduction of the use of mortars in base repair cement; previously it had only been toward use of mortars in base epoxy resin, then with the use of systems and novel materials for injection of resins, the regeneration of piling through the encapsulated with polyester; or, more recently, the employment of anodes of sacrifice in the embedded volume regenerated with mortars.

In this type of action the motivations to justify them have been several, we could mention between all of them provide a reserve in the coefficient of structural safety, as well as an improvement on the stability of the structural elements.

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Another could be the increase the useful life of the docks or moorings, including modifying the basic mechanical features total or partially, or equally optimize any combination of the above factors concerning its cost; therefore an intervention of this type can represent a cost lower than 50% of what it would be a reconstruction, in addition to what it would mean financially won't have to leave out of service port facilities concerned.

Currently, is giving a new evolution in another direction, which can be summarized in the following postulate; Place the Area intervened in their initial conditions, following two philosophies in the time to develop this principle:

  • 1. On the one hand the insulation and protection of the structural element concerned.
  • 2. And the other is to try to reverse the actions of electrochemical corrosion, to the extent that this process possible.

In this type of structures, has been tested since 2003, the feasibility of establishing a control of the processes of corrosion of the concrete structures, in particular the intensity and potential of corrosion, which can lead us to correctly interpret signals of future damage, and therefore take appropriate corrective measures even before the effects become visible.


Waterproofing of buildings and warehouses

Delta 9 has developed many solutions for each type of project, as well as take into account aspects such as the general condition of the conditions and limitations of the environment. The final result must comply with the objectives and expectations of the customer, focus on deadlines and timetables for organization.

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The technologies used are from the standard systems of PVC foil or asphalt, passing through the use of injections to pressure in reinforced concrete, using the use of epoxy

resins, polyurethane cementoso, generally with low viscosity. Our company has the necessary equipment for the proper implementation of the designed system, being aware of the need for control of these methods; it makes use of various systems of non-destructive test, to verify the effectiveness of the proposed treatments.


Complete restoration and renovation

Given the specialty of our company we have incorporated new technologies in work of restoration and protection of facades, mounding structural, repair of structures, modification of diagrams of loads with its corresponding reinforcement, waterproofing covers, facades, cisterns, etc.

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Protection of flooring

Delta 9 installs a wide variety of systems and solutions within this range, in particular continuing, in its two varieties: cementitious materials or resins for applications on different media types (metal, concrete and concrete).

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In reference to floorings (floors) whose unbound this based on resins, it is designed to resolve high benefits of aggressive environment, abrasion, impact, corrosion (that are characterized by the chemical agent aggressive, concentration and temperature);

being the main typologies: poliureas resins, vinyl, polyesters, polyurethanes and fendicas-cementitious materials. In addition to the traditional epoxy or polyurethane (for electronics companies or agro-food, when they need cleaning high pavement). Within these fields acts both on support of concrete, as metallic, varying for each one of them the application systems-preparation.


Resins and other injections

For the applications of injections of resin, machinery is used for last generation and has specific resins for each purpose, allowing its use in cracks at very low pressure and even in the presence of water, allowing its use in cracks.

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Delta9 Auxiliary Construction Techniques
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Since 1.988 offering the most advanced solutions in applied chemistry to the construction.

Delta 9 auxiliary techniques of construction, S. A, founded in 1989. A service company for the maintenance and upkeep of buildings both building and civil work, for the main industrial sectors (refining, electricity, automotive… ), as well as in the processes of architecture and engineering works in protuarias-maritime, hydraulic, roads, infrastructure.

Always in contact with new ideas and developments of materials and systems that will enable interventions.

  • Less interference-interruptions, performance times shorter, or adapted to the use of the elements.
  • Safer, both with the staff of application as its users and with the environment.
  • With lower costs.
  • Durable, extending the service life of the buildings.
  • Qualified technical staff and workers own team.

Since 1996 our company has renovated the classification as contractor to the State, at this moment 31 subgroups of civil works and construction. (Registration 38436-R).

In 2000 the company obtained the certificate of Registered Company by AENOR in accordance with the UNE IN ISO 9001, being renovated from that date to the present. (File 0485/96).

In 2006 the company obtained the certificate of Environmental Company by AENOR according to the UNE EN ISO 14000, has been continued to renew since that date. (File 0485/96).

We can highlight the following fields of activities carried out by our company in our more than 25 years of existence:

  • Repairs and reinforcements of concrete structures.
  • Rehabilitation and restoration of buildings.
  • Waterproofing treatments (including seals).
  • Continuous industrial pavements of resins or cementitious materials.
  • Protection against chemical corrosion, (high corrosion).
  • Injections with resins (SCBP system or BBZ).
  • Facilities and special constructions.
  • Key industrial projects in hand.

The market for which DELTA 9 is directed, is varied, as it says in the title of the presentation any application addressed to the construction sector, projects or special applications of systems and products for concrete and steel (as well as other types of material - ceramics, prefabricated, etc. )

  • Public Administrations.
  • Agencies and Autonomous Entities.
  • Chemical Companies and/or Agribusiness.
  • Metallurgical and Automotive.
  • Drinking-quality water supplies (including nuclear).
  • Electricity and Energy Sector.
  • Companies related to the environment.
  • Studies of Architecture and Engineering.
  • Construction companies.
  • Individuals, communities of neighbors...

Delta9 Auxiliary Construction Techniques
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Quality Certification UN- EN ISO-9001:2000

The approach toward the satisfaction of the end customer, primordial value of the work of Delta9, makes the Quality is indispensable pillar in our work. For this reason, Delta9 account since 2000 with Quality certification A- IN ISO-9001:2000, being at that time the first Andalusian company to obtain within the sector of chemical applications.

Quality Certification UN- EN ISO-14001:2000

Also, the fruit of the commitment of Delta9 with the environment, is the certification of the company in the UNE EN ISO 14001 standard, which accredits our environmental management system.

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Ranked as Official Spanish Government Contractor

Also be added to this section, as shown in the quality and reliability in Delta9, obtaining since March of 1996, classification as contractor for the State, which has been steadily enhanced and renewing since that date, being at that time one of the leading companies in the sector in national level certification.

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Approved by the major companies

In addition to this classification as contractor for the State, Delta9 is approved by the major industrial enterprises of the country for carrying out all kinds of works in its facilities: Cepsa©, Endesa©, Iberdorla©, ENRESA, Aqualia©,… Being the energy sector, chemical/petrochemical and waters, recipient of the best professional solutions that Delta9 always brings, to the problems that arise in the world industrial complex.

Delta9 Auxiliary Construction Techniques
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Social Commitment

The environment in which we live provides us plenty of opportunities to show our commitment to social responsibility. Through our Corporate Social Responsibility policy, to the extent of our possibilities, we participated in different projects and initiatives that allow us to return our society part of much of what this gives us.

The support of Delta9 has been extended to such diverse activities as:

  • Environmental education days child.
  • Entities and sports clubs
  • Financial support to candidates for the city
  • Theater
  • Universities.
  • Foundations dedicated to social integration.
  • Foundations of assistance for disabled people
  • Etc


The area of Sustainable Construction promotes, on the part of all the agents involved in the productive process, environmentally friendly criteria with the environment, taking into account also the social and economic aspects.

The objective of the Area is the study and knowledge transfer to companies in the field of sustainable construction , based on generating a series of solutions throughout the life cycle Building or infrastructure, which will minimise the environmental impact the fact constructive.

Delta9 Auxiliary Construction Techniques

Customer testimonials

Arrex contenedores S.A
Juan Antonio Rodríguez Santaella. (Gerente)

It is essential to understand the level of professionalism and demand that has developed Delta9 in the execution of the work carried out at our plant in containers.

Químicas del Guadiaro
Luisa Gómez de Moncada
[Directora de I+D]

A faster response in our corrosion problems were important for the proper functioning of our factory of Getafe.

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