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  • Repair and Reinforcement of structures
  • Integral Rehabilitations
  • Waterproofing of buildings and warehouses
  • Flooring and Coatings
  • Electricity sector
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Electricity sector

Almost from the start of operations of the company in the year 1989; one of the sectors that were directed to our activities, the Energy Sector was, taking not only the generation facilities, but throughout this time, the spectrum has included a number of other sections, including areas of distribution, processing, and even to aspects related to the conservation and enhancement of work centers and offices.
In the beginning the tasks was limited primarily to treatments for the protection of structures and facilities involved in the process, in particular those relating to waterproofing of buildings and processing centers, and essentially in the implementation of different typologies of

Coatings for areas with a high aggressiveness chemistry (as are the units of rafts of neutralization, pre-treatment, buckets, pipes, ... ).

With the passage of time, the work was subsequently extended to other categories such as the restoration treatments for areas of the facility constructed in concrete), generally strengthened; particularly in the power generation facilities, as is the case of central heat source (coal or fuel) and hydraulic.On the basis of which it was intended to retrieve sections resistant of the constructive elements, or in case of high component degradation, the reinforcement or partial renewal of the same.

In the mid-1990s, our major customers in the US sector returned to require expansion of the spectrum of activities developed by DELTA 9, entering the fields of engineering, advice and adaptation of existing facilities to the new criteria for durability (it was intended to increase the service life of the plant - and hence the profitability of the same),And the adaptation of those to the new criteria and regulations that were implanted in the European Common Market (EU), in reference to criteria that were related to the environment, health and safety at work, in the final analysis with factors that had to do with the sustainability of the electrical activity.

Fruit of all this period of collaboration resulted in the introduction of new concepts of preventive maintenance in this sector.

The spectrum of occupations in this sector of production was increased gradually, entering conservation activities and daily maintenance of the facilities (any type), including concepts of global action that include work "a-priori" distant with the developed up to that time as was the cleaning, recovery of degraded areas (deposits of solid waste, slag or ash), sustaining gardening and surrounding habitat to the facilities.

All this interrelationship deep with the sector, and the broad knowledge, that with the passage of time was giving us the wealth of activities carried out, took us to enter in work of reforms of offices and enhancements of the jobs (ergonomics), as well as the implementation of new corporate identities for companies in the sector (marketing), including departments such as customer care, training, and R+D+i. Finally as a brief introduction to the activities undertaken by our company in all this time, saying that it is a pioneer in work of implementation of control systems of facilities, and that is one of the few companies approved for work on sites of nuclear nature (both in generation and storage of radioactive waste own of these).

As in other fields of action, DELTA 9 intends that these works are framed in a sustainable habitat, respect for the environment, as well as, awareness and commitment to the safety of workers and the social environment in which the company has been involved in almost 25 years of existence.

Some of our actions


Within the energy sector, repairs have been carried out and adaptations of structures of loading and unloading in docks of material supply for combustion in central type of thermal springs, in particular for unloading coal has also begun to modify infrastructure unloading cranes, adapting or improving the taxiways used by these in provisioning operations.

Among the most innovative solutions in this type of construction we can highlight the placement of anodes of sacrifice or embedded hybrid technology for protection of the constructive elements subject to this chemical assault. Also has been used in an effective manner the inhibition of the corrosion of the reinforcing bars, through the inclusion of organic compounds migrants in vapor phase.

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This type of elements suffer serious damage caused by different factors such as temperature, the industrial environment in which they are immersed and the use of additives to maintain the operational conditions in the cooling water.

Normally the intervention to perform will depend to a large extent on the previous studies and evaluation tests of structural stability and durability, since by the constructive way to these, to carry out the treatments may be quite different, and intervention procedures and on all of boost are normally specific to each intervention.

We have conducted interventions in this type of units in central classic thermal generation (coal or fuel), nuclear or combined cycles (natural gas, LPG); in each of them forms of work vary considerably.

For more information download our catalogue of Electricity sector. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.


Thermal power generators located in the vicinity of the coast or in the vicinity of the dam or lagoon; often use the water from these as refrigerant in the process. The most common injuries that we have detected, in almost 25 years in the profession, are the corrosion of the reinforcing steel (whose origin is the presence of chlorine ion in the cooling water, as well as the high temperature at which it is located, above 25 ºC during the operation of the same), defects in constructive seals between the various elements that make up the circuit (channels or concrete pipes - concrete), instability of foundations by continuous flushing of the subsoil.

The intervention usually elapse from a simple regeneration of the initial thickness of concrete walls, even in the most complex cases the stabilization of the subsoil by means of injections or acuarreactivas expansionary.

For more information download our catalogue of Electricity sector. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

RAFTS AND BUCKETS: Reception of effluents

One of the areas with the greatest degree of maintenance are the rafts and buckets of reception of effluents. Special mention should be in the neutralization that is often adjust the pH by adding large amounts of ac. Sulfuric Acid and caustic soda, depending on the discharge that is concerned. In the other units rafts of effluents, washing of ashes, reception of leachate, … the injury will depend on much of the aggressive agent to intervene.

The treatments in these areas are much more compelling, include recoveries of useful sections of walls or concrete floors - concrete, and perform the coating by heavy Linning (thicknesses greater than 4 mm or through the use of specially designed tiles).

For more information download our catalogue of Electricity sector. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.


Within the power generation facilities, especially those that make use of liquid fuels (fuel), the storage units of the same, or of other effluents that are to be found in he process; pose problems not only of the need for chemical resistance and impermeability to hydrocarbons; but since 1990 must comply with environmental legislation and rigorous security, which involves modifying various elements of the same, As is the case for waterproofing of the drip pan, protection of the funds of the tanks (any type), evacuation systems and fire protection, areas of loading and unloading, pumping systems and racking, stability of the subsoil … .

Our firm has been involved in various performances of modifications of these elements, arriving to carry out turnkey projects", including the legalization of the work carried out.

For more information download our catalogue of Electricity sector. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

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