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  • Repair and Reinforcement of structures
  • Integral Rehabilitations
  • Waterproofing of buildings and warehouses
  • Flooring and Coatings
  • Electricity sector
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Flooring and Coatings

Since its inception DELTA 9, it has more than 25 years, has had a strong involvement in the development in the field of coverings and flooring for all types of industries especially the chemical industry, food, fishing industry and meat, distribution and storage of drinking water as well as in treatment plants; DELTA 9 has been from the beginning at the forefront in the design of pavements and continuous coatings, has been developed in conjunction with manufacturers a range of products and systems, applied to concrete, mortar cementitious materials, composites and other asphaltic substrates provide the most appropriate solution for each case, taking in service for more than 10 million m² in flooring and finishes.

The new regulations on safety and hygiene are forcing every day over the prescriber to specify systems for coatings with better benefits and more specific for each use, both in the interior of buildings such as outside of them, either for industrial use, commercial, public or private. An industrial land should be resistant to the continued passing of trucks, the impact and to the point charges.Sometimes also, withstand occasional spill of chemicals, impervious, continuous, easy to clean and disinfect, as well as provisions so as to facilitate the evacuation of the water or those liquids which might spill out way more or less fortuitous.

For pedestrian areas, bike lanes or parking of vehicles the requirements will be different. In car parks and areas of movement of vehicles, the pavement must be resistant to the maneuvers of the same; to the occasional drop of fuels; non-slip curves and ramps mainly; secure the pedestrian crossing; decorative and easy to maintain. This type of construction is very frequent use of reinforced concrete (reinforced concrete), the concrete has a limited resistance to attacks of chemical agents and other external, which are normally exposed the same.

The durability of the concrete) depends largely on the permeability of the material versus the external chemical agents and its resistance to environmental variations.

It is essential to the design, to distinguish between the natural aggressive agents (sulfates, carbon dioxide, chlorides, etc. ) and the external chemical agents derived in large part of the industrial activity. In theory it is not possible to draw up a concrete capable of resisting the aggression of the actors considered natural and very difficult ensure the durability of the concrete in front of the external chemical agents, if they are not protected by a proper treatment the exposed surface.

The first of all these chemicals that must be preserved its contact with the concrete (concrete), in those reinforced structures (with steel frame inside). In fact this chemical compound, the more abundant in nature, is an effective solvent and vial for countless chemical attackers.

Some of our actions

STEELWORKS COMPANIES: SISE (Italy), SN Longos (Portugal), Inespal (Spain), BOLIDEN (Spain)

We include in this type of industry all those in which the attacks mecano thermal, are a factor very to have in the design; either by the provision of concentrated loads or by special requirements such as thermal or electrical conductivity in the components of the civil works and installations.

In fact, it is normal to rely on this type of discontinuous solutions to systems as are the bricks of porcelain stoneware, with various solutions for the seals and grip to the substrate.

Or to continuous coatings based on cement with modified binders and incorporating different aggregates (graphite, carborundum, ..) or even base polyurethane resins in cement, all of them in final layer thicknesses greater than 5 mm. (0.2 " ).

Regular clients have been steelmakers SISE (Grupo RIBA; Italy) y SN Longos (Portugal), Inespal (Aluminio- Spain), BOLIDEN (Minera - Spain)

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PORT FACILITIES: fish auction rooms of Tarifa (APBA), Puntaumbría (EPPA), Cádiz (APCa)

In areas of fish auction in port facilities, in civil works; the maximum aggression occurs in pavements, abrasion and impact are widespread, which submits to an effort of fatigue in this; what there is to add a chemical corrosion important because of the presence of sea water and leachate from the blood of the fish and other additives that are used in the conservation, this whole situation is aggravated by the thermal shocks (ice and cold-storage) on the pavement.

In addition the alternatives have to allow an appropriate disinfection and a resbaladicidad that set minimum conditions of security.

The solutions are of more use in water based materials, since the presence of a absolute humidity very high makes it impossible the use of materials that need low H. R.

Normally epoxy resins are used to the water, cement or epoxy polyurethane cements; we have carried out comprehensive interventions in the rehabilitation of auction markets like in Tarifa (APBA), Puntaumbría (EPPA) or in new projects such as Cádiz (APCa).

For more information download our catalogue of Industrial. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.


The production centers are factories for the preparation of meat, fish, pastry/bakery or vegetables and fruits (all the food in fresh) for direct consumption (packaging); consists of cutting plants and processing, and rooms of packaging and storage, the latter usually ultra-cooled or frozen (-18 °C); in addition to a aggressiveness mechanical (abrasive) important;And the bumps in the normal use of the facilities are frequent, there is an aggression by the chemical products of the leachate previous food, as well as other components and additives (sugar, salt, .. ).

For this reason the main thing is provide some good features to the pavement (floor) and the side curbs, in addition to being continuous solutions so that the cleaning can be carried out quickly and with warranty.

The proposed solutions are mainly epoxy resins, perspex articles and epoxy or polyurethane - cement.

In the cold rooms are used by issues of maintenance systems APS or MMA (Perspex Articles).

For more information download our catalogue of Industrial. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.


In the automobile industry has special relevance in the protection against chemical warfare agents (inorganic acids such as sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, hydrochloric acid,.. ); Also the standards of cleanliness in the work surrounding the manufacture, sale or maintenance are increasingly rigorous, using products (organic) very energetic.

The greatest impact are the pavements (floors), because in addition must maintain a high security conditions.

Although basically used epoxy resins and polyurethane, in various qualities depending on the features.

Increasingly used another type of materials such as polyurethanes cemeas (such as reducing noise impact and very resistant to tearing and abrasion).

For more information download our catalogue of Industrial. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

PAVEMENT CONTINUED: University of Huelva, Salerooms in C. C. Carrefour or tracks sports Club Swimming in Seville.

The pavements (floors) continued in building a constructive solution is more for the architectural design of the same.

The employment majority in this category are finishes that continuous must present a clean and easy to get it; or seek the reduction in power consumption in lighting or pursue a particular behavior (for example sports use) or electrical conductivity (in ICU rooms and operating theaters in clinics and hospitals).

The solutions are therefore very varied, almost as much as the spectrum of cases that can be given in these constructions, although they are basically the epoxy resins and polyurethane the most commonly used.

Among the latest proceedings include University of Huelva, salerooms in C. C. Carrefour or tracks sports Club Swimming in Seville.

For more information download our catalogue of Industrial. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.


The treatments in this type of installations have a dual purpose; on the one hand give a greater surface hardness, impermeability to oils and fuels, and secondly reducing the consumption of electricity costs of lighting is normally used light colors. Also used this type of coating not only on floors but in walls, in order to facilitate the marking.

Swellings are also used with mortars cementitious materials with a thickness not greater than 3 cm (1.2 " ), so that we can have a minimum planimetry and to employ the same as surface layer.

For more information download our catalogue of Industrial. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

SISE (Italy), SN Longos (Portugal), Inespal (Spain), Boliden (Spain)
fish auction Tarifa (APBA), Puntaumbría (EPPA), Cádiz (APCa)
University of Huelva, C.C. Carrefour, C. Swimming Seville.
Delta9 Auxiliary Construction Techniques
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