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  • Repair and Reinforcement of structures
  • Integral Rehabilitations
  • Waterproofing of buildings and warehouses
  • Flooring and Coatings
  • Electricity sector
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Integral Rehabilitations

During the past few years, since 1989, the activity of rehabilitation in buildings both in homes, office buildings, business premises; as well as historical buildings or industrial has been a constant for our signature; we have been involved in a myriad of projects with various illnesses (damaged structures, faults in the waterproofing, stabilization of terrain and pavings, facades, cantilevered ... ), achieving a certain leadership position in the industry.
In any process of rehabilitation, has been pursued the provide the best economic option, without ever losing other objectives:

  • Compatibility with the use of the areas not intervened..
  • Maximize the durability of the affected areas.
  • Reduce the interferences with the normal use of the building.

Find, in short, the most advantageous solution tailored to the needs of the client. In particular the durability has been for us the determining factor for the selection of systems and materials that we have installed.

Fundamentally, our interventions have been directed to two constructive aspects, on the one hand the deterioration and changes in use of the structural elements, including the foundations; and second fix all those factors that result in weakening in the waterproofing of the locking elements of the building (covers, facades, walls, … ).Logically have developed other additional work, such as it would be finished, decor and facilities; including these always within a global project.

As in the rest of the activities carried out by DELTA 9, has always claimed to be in the forefront of technological development, looking for better solutions to tackle the root causes of the various illnesses in which we have been involved. At present, the new strategies aimed at greater life of the buildings, as well as introduce the concept of preventive maintenance in these, proof of this are the guidelines for development:

  1. On the one hand, the use of elements of nanotechnology, which introduced in other classic materials, cause the modification of the behavior of the same, achieving beneficial side effects for the whole of the building.
  2. Another aspect is the development of fields of action for new materials and systems, with improvements in the mechanical characteristics or physical-chemical solutions implemented. As in other fields of action, DELTA 9 intends that these works are framed in a sustainable habitat, respect for the environment, as well as, awareness and commitment to thesafety of workers and the social environment in which the company has been embroiled in these 25 years of existence.

Some of our actions

Restoration of the exterior of the facade of the building 101 Administration Building.

Historical building on the Ancon Hill, raised in 1914.

Degradation exterior of this building, it has been due to several factors: proximity to the sea, performances with various criteria in the past, pollution and rain. All of them led to a deterioration of the outer coating very accused, as well as to generate a regrettable aesthetic.

DELTA 9 conducted a series of tests and design a new liner, imitating the originally existing will provide advances in materials that exist, using a mortar coating in low thickness acrylic, with resistance to UV, good flexibility and a natural color provided by the local arid.

For more information download our catalogue of Rehabilitation. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

Implementation of exterior facade to building, with thermal insulation. (Morocco)

In this case is a project carried out in Casablanca with a final treatment capable of converting CO2 into O2, and degrade the dirt deposited on the final coating (self-cleaning) ;is based on the use of mortars and acrylic films, to which is added nanoparticles of titanium dioxide.

In addition to greater hardness and toughness of the outer layer is added you carbon microtubules 6.

This system has as added benefits, obstruction of condensation on the inside of the housing, as well as the increased use of the useful area of the construction.

For more information download our catalogue of Rehabilitation. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

Restoration of the exterior of the Plaza de España unique building and main of the Ibero-american Exhibition in Seville 1929 (architect Anibal Gonzalez).

Architectural framed in the Maria Luisa Park, is one of the most spectacular spaces of the regionalist architecture. In their banks appear represented all the provinces of Spain in cloths of tiles, as well as busts of Spaniards distinguished in its walls.

Consisted of architectural repairs on different pathologies detected in the latest technical inspection of buildings (ITE), relative humidities and damage infrastructure. Developed in different phases, the sealing of cracks, the implementation of flexible waterproof mortars; as well as the work of re-composition and fixing of the ceramic pieces that make up the monument.

For more information download our catalogue of Rehabilitation. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

Comprehensive rehabilitation of housing in historic center of Seville on Trajano street.

Demolition and reconstruction facade while maintaining full again, including facilities and decor for several apartments.

The building in question is protected by the local ordinances, by what is necessary to respect both facade as the first creaked.

The main difficulty of this type of work, is the stability of neighboring structures; because in many cases (as happened in this project), the wall of mediatrix tend to be common to the same.

Another of the misfortunes of the jobs that are carried out in the historical areas of the cities tend to be the access, the supplies of machinery and materials, as well as, for example in this project was provided by carrying out concrete for this line of a provisional lines of more than 200 m in length.

For more information download our catalogue of Rehabilitation. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

Casa del Vigia in Huelva (architect Francisco Montenegro) building of 1904.

It is a supplementary activity carried out by our company; the major jobs have been in a consolidation and reinforcements (with mortars and fiber composites, carbon, kevlar-) of masonry and walls, injection of arches and columns, restoration of ceramics, stabilization of foundations, processes of specific cleaning (Armex); as the home of the Watchtower in Huelva or the chapel of San Francisco of Ceuta.

For more information download our catalogue of Rehabilitation. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

Rehabilitation and repair of structural blocks of Social Housing (VPO), in the southern area of Seville, between calle Manuel Fal Conde and Avenida de la Paz.

Including Repair and structural reinforcement, electrical installations and sanitation, gas, repair and painting of facade, demolitions, assembling outside lifts, repair of cover.

This is a project of empowerment of social housing, the new European legislation on accessibility, sustainability and energy saving.

The work carried out did not involve the eviction of neighbors, although if the installation of temporary access and protections to users and neighbors.

For more information download our catalogue of Rehabilitation. Contact us to request a password to enter private area.

101 Administration Building ACP
Facade (SATE) Anfaplace Living Resort (Casablanca)
Plaza de España (SEVILLE)
Restoration of the exterior.
Trajano street (SEVILLE)
Integral rehabilitation of houses
Casa del Vigía
South area (SEVILLE)
Structural rehabilitation and repair Housing (VPO).
Delta9 Auxiliary Construction Techniques
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